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"SHARK ATTACK" - Great Whites "SIP-Pack"

SHARK ATTACK! - Great Whites from Around the World! Don't let the picture fool you - these are ALL WHITE WINES. This is an all-white SIP-Pack. NO substituions please.

This is a mixed 6-pack of amazing whites EACH from dfferent grapes. A fantastic and delicious mix of styles and flavors. Something for your every mood and any occasion. SPECIALLY-PRICED - SAVE $85.00!

2017 Annesanti "Fonte Farro" Gechetto (Italy)
    100% organic Grechetto. broad, orchard fruits
2015 St. Innocent Pinot Blanc (Oregon)
     Small % oak fermented - round, apples, mouthwatering
2017 Schloss Gobelsburg Riesling (Germany)
     Love this producer! BONE dry and delicious
2016 Alheit "Cartology" White (South Africa)
     89% Chenin & 11% Semillon, stunning...
2018 Zorzettig "MYO" Friulanco (Italy)
    100% Friulano, old vines, aromatic, stone fruits
2016 Bodega Chacra "Mainque" Chardonnay (Argentina)
    Made by Jean-Marc Roulot! I'll say no more