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Caven "Le Coppelle" Sassella Valtellina Superiore

100% Nebbiolo, locally known as "Chiavennasca," from mostly 60 year old vines from steep. terraced-vineyards on the north side of the valley, facing south (to receive maximum sunlight). All harvesting is done by hand using small baskets. This is called "Heroic Winemaking" as it is extremely laborious and time-consuming. The wine is vinified in steel tanks and aged for 12 months in big and medium-sized (mosty used) oak barrels. It is characterized by perfumes and flavors of flowers, violets, delicate spices, and red fruits and by an elegant, yet firm texture, with a fresh and persistent taste.

Sassella is one of five viticultural sub-zones specifically identified as producing Valtellina wines of particularly high quality. Sassella is considered to be the finest of these, and the pinnacle of the Valtellina viticultural zone.

Pair this wine as you would any other Nebbiolo-based wine: with hearty foods such as stews, grilled meats, pasta with rich sauces and aged cheeses.

100% Chiavennasca (aka Nebbiolo)